Measurement Zone

About Measurement Zone

Measurement Zone specializes in creating assessments that can be used for Job role assessments, Assessment for pre-employment, Practice tests, Training needs, Training evaluation, placement and proving knowledge retention. 

Measurement Zone is constantly growing, with new tests added on a regular basis to keep up with demand across all industries. Employment tests are rated by the candidates themselves, helping to continuously improve the quality of our employment testing as well as inform you which tests are the best indicators of specific skill sets.

Measurement Zone features

  • Online delivery: can be taken online so the tests are quick to administer. Then get results via online reporting or email.
  • Validated and delivered online and comes with detailed reporting.
  • Customizable features including number of questions and choice of objectives
  • Valuable score reports and student history 
  • Customize assessments based on clients’ needs
  • Upload Your Own Tests 
  • Supports a wide range of question types, allowing for maximum flexibility of an interactive practice test 
  • You can also have images embedded in questions or answers, which means that the software can accommodate the exams for designers, engineers, and others whose exams include images.
  • Measurement Zone test engine supports Arabic characters, so it can be easily used by Arabic speakers, as well as for preparation for foreign language exams.
  • Import dozens of questions and turn into an interactive exam.

Job role assessments evaluate the candidate's overall job role knowledge required for a specific job role. They’re ideal for hiring, promotions, and job placement decision making. Choose from over 100 assessments available by subject or job title. 

Measurement Zone’s Job Role and Soft Skills Assessments give you definitive answers that you can use to make smart hiring and promotion decisions.

  • Used to analyze if a person is well suited for a specific job.
  • These assessments can determine the likelihood of success
    in a variety of job categories.

Measurement Zone for pre-employment

By helping companies identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job, pre-employment testing can lead to additional company benefits, such as saving time and cost in the selection process by screen out those who are unqualified, decreasing turnover, and even improving morale. 

According to a survey by the American Management Association, “Almost 90 percent of firms that test job applicants say they will not hire job seekers when pre-employment testing finds them to be deficient in basic skills”

Self-assessment is the process of looking at oneself in order to assess aspects that are important to one’s identity. It is one of the motives that drive self-evaluation, along with self-verification and self-enhancement. 

How it works:

  • List of statement choose the best describes you
  • Answer questions as you actually are 
  • There is no correct and wrong answers
  • There is no time limit but you should try to
    work through the questions quickly. 

Are You Ready For Your Test?

Let Measurement Zone Show You the Way!

The number one question people ask themselves after investing time and money to acquire new knowledge and skills is “Am I ready for the certification exam?”

Practice tests help familiarize you with the questions that will be on the exam and the mode in which they will be presented. A practice test can reduce your pre-test anxiety, allow you to focus on the items presented, and help you pass.

Practice tests reinforce knowledge, provide a learning path for individuals and prepare them for certification exams.

Practice tests

The Measurement Zone solution provides the necessary tools to validate knowledge for students, instructors and clients of corporations, career colleges and technical training facilities.

  • Specific modes to prepare the student:
    1. Review—Study Mode offers questions that cover all objectives in similar format and style to the exam and provides detailed answer explanations.
    2. Prepare—Certification Mode simulates the timed exam environment and prepares students for exam taking conditions.
  • Score Report gives instant feedback on areas that need further study by objective and question during review.

Provide the Right Learning Path for Your Employees

Let Measurement Zone Show You the Way!

You’re investing time and money to help your employees acquire new skills and knowledge. Make the most of your investment by using assessments and practice tests to tailor your students’ learning curriculum. Measurement Zone provides you with the necessary tools to help you validate what your employees know and focus on what they need help with. 

Measurement Zone customizable assessments help organizations identify the knowledge level and/or skills gaps of their employees. The assessments can be used pre-training to ensure appropriate class placement, and post-training to validate knowledge transfer.

Measurement Zone offers specific products for trainers to assess and validate learning as well as prepare students for certification. 

Upload Your Own Tests 

Do you already have pencil-and-paper employment tests that you like to give candidates? Would you like to create your own tests that address your specific requirements or subject matter? We’ve got you covered! 

Request a Contributor account and you can upload employment tests that you’ve written yourself. We’ll even keep them private so you can be sure you’re the only company administering them.


We understand that a score by itself is not the only indicator of a candidate’s capabilities. This is why we developed our report that identifies which particular questions were answered correctly and time spent.  

  • Overall test score
  • Show results by sections