About TDC

Research has shown the Development Center (and its recruitment equivalent the Assessment Center) to be one of the most objective and accurate approaches to the assessment of people.

The strength of the methodology rests on the fact that the assessment process:

  • Is based on competencies 
  • Assessment evidence is aligned to this framework
  • Utilizes different sources of evidence – often from psychometrics and behavioral simulation exercises
  • Incorporates input from multiple assessors trained in assessing the relevant activities

How we help

Based on our initial discussion, we envisage the likely competencies to include the following Saville Consulting Competencies:


What we offer

Assessment Centers

Perhaps you want to add more objectivity to your selection processes? Our assessment centers incorporate:

  •  Simulation Exercises
  •  Psychometric Ability Tests
  •  Psychometric Personality Questionnaires
  •  Interviews


To enable evidence-based decision making. Each participant is assessed by several assessors which improves objectivity, and they take part in several different Business Simulation exercises which gives a rounded picture of their style and capabilities.

We will:

  • Advise on the best approach
  • Design centers with off-the-shelf or tailored exercises
  • Provide assessors
  • Train your assessors
  • Manage whole projects

Development Centers

KASTOC run development center programs. The tools used are like our assessment center programs but with a greater emphasis on dynamic feedback, self-reflection and learning agility while the events take place. Typically, our development centers flow into personal development planning sessions and recommendations for individual and group training and coaching to address emerging high priority issues for the short and long term.

This approach lends itself extremely well to identifying high potential staff as part of succession planning to lead the organization for the future by positioning participants on a “nine box grids” mapping performance against potential.