Managing Your Career


Think about your career up to this point. Have you drifted along like a passenger in a boat, going wherever the currents of life take you? Or have you taken intentional steps and been proactive about guiding the direction your career path takes?

Every so often, you should step back and give some serious thought about whether your career is on track. Are you heading in a direction you’re happy with? Are you on a path that will help you reach your goals?

If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” you should seriously explore your career options. In fact, exploring all potential options is an important part of staying on the right track with your career.

How we help

Keeping your career on track is your responsibility. If you know where you want to go, you can take the steps to make things happen. Instead of being merely a passenger in a boat, you’ll be its captain, navigating through your career to reach your destination.

We enrolled students in the life skills club who were at the point of being expelled from school. They became much more disciplined and often took the initiative in managing conflicts. Their academic performance has also improved. The club has saved these students from the streets and its dangers.

What we offer

Advisory services and training programs that keep you moving forward


Design of career paths for specific job families, departments or roles, outlining possible vertical and horizontal job moves and role’s requirements in competencies, education and professional experience.


A blended learning approach involving a range of workshops, e-learning, mentoring and coaching programs that up-skill employees in specific areas, depending on career path selection and future role requirements.

Getting on the Right Track