Desktop Applications


About Desktop Application

Organizations of every size and business model need desktop computer skills as a basic building block of success. More than just increasing productivity, proficiency with desktop software facilitates better business results. Your employees can create more effective spreadsheets, better reports and more dynamic presentations.

How we help

We help people to not only use the tools provided, they will fully utilize them possible. It is more than just more bang for your buck; it’s making every dollar count.

What we offer

  • Computer Basics
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Microsoft OneNote 
  • Microsoft® Sway
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 PowerPivot
  • Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 
  • Microsoft Project 2016 
  • Microsoft Word 2016 
  • Microsoft Word Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016: for Users
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016: for Site Owners
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016: For Site Administrators
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Navigating the new Windows Environment
  • Microsoft Visio 2016
  • Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
  • Adobe Photoshop