Improved Recruitment


Improved Recruitment

Recruitment requires a structured approach; it works best when you:

  • Clearly understand job requirements
  • Know your candidates and the important criteria for measurement
  • Use assessment processes that cost-effectively screen out less suitable candidates and conduct more in-depth assessments of your stronger candidates

How we help

Our specialists are experts in the design of high-volume recruitment processes.  They can also develop processes where greater flexibility is required to meet the unique demands of roles and organizations.

Through our partnership with Saville Consulting, we utilize leading edge tools that objectively screen / assess candidates and deliver tangible return on investment for organizations.

What we offer

Recruitment and Selection

  • Defining the role
  • Defining the specification
  • Exploring the level of agreement and consensus between hiring managers all with vested interest in each role
  • Advising on the relative weighting of assessment data
  • Providing key areas for interviewers to probe
  • Induction and planned priorities for first 100 days