Psychometric Assessments


Wide range of online assessments in English and Arabic that provide a rich insight the styles, skills and competencies of individuals and teams

About Psychometric Assessments

promotion and talent management.  We can advise on the best tools and assessments and create solutions for your business, your teams or for individuals you wish to assess and develop.  We work to understand your business and create the best possible solution for your organization. We have a team of Occupational Psychologists and Assessment and Development Specialists, including native English and Arabic speakers, and have a bilingual support team.

How we help

KASTOC provides a range of assessment services to help in selection, recruitment,

What we offer

Psychometric Personality Questionnaires

  • Personality
  • Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Talent
  • Predicted Competencies
  • Predicted Culture / Environment Fit


Psychometric assessment that objectively measures critical reasoning skills. 
The test consists of three sections that focus on:

  • Verbal reasoning skills
  • Numerical reasoning skills
  • Abstract reasoning skills.