KASTOC is management solutions firm, specialized in providing management consulting and training services to all types of organization (public and private sectors) in Middle east, Gulf and Africa.

Our Vision

KASTOC strives to be the world's most imaginative, resourceful consulting and productivity training provider, providing high quality and customer-focused solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Our Mission

Serving organizations and individuals by providing quality consultation, training and support to increase their productivity and effectiveness by developing knowledge, skills and attitude of employees to achieve its target and change the culture of organization.

Our Values

We believe in people potentials and think every person has the power to improve self and impact the organization

Certified Instructors

KASTOC instructors must successfully complete a comprehensive certification program, demonstrating mastery of KASTOC educational methods, presentation skills, and an ability to “connect” with students. Instructors are scored on their effectiveness as educators daily and are subject to ongoing evaluation.

Our role is to enable our clients to achieve their own strategic objectives by providing them with solutions that improve both their Businesses, as well as their Human Capital.

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