Live Online Training


Get live, interactive training from the convenience of your office or home with KASTOC Live Online. Live Online classes feature all the same benefits of live instructor interaction with the convenience of learning in a more comfortable environment while saving on travel time and cost. All online classes include hands-on lab exercises – only internet access is required. The best part, you can attend any of KASTOC’s courses Live Online. 


What is a Live Online class?

KASTOC Live Online is a live, interactive virtual classroom solution delivered right to your computer via the Internet. Live Online classes are led by expert certified, experienced instructors who deliver compelling learning during conveniently scheduled class times. You and your class peers interact with the instructor and each other in ways that engage your attention, so you learn more. It’s the ideal way to get the benefits of a physical class without the time and expense involved in traveling to a class location.


Live, real-time virtual instruction is ideal for distributed workforces. Employees from anywhere can register and participate in training without the expense and hassle of travel. Contact us today and we’ll take you for a test drive!

Save money with affordable class pricing and no travel expenses

What are the benefits of Live Online training?

  • Save money with affordable class pricing and no travel expenses
  • Save time. The class comes to you!
  • Learn more in a place where you’re comfortable and can avoid distractions
  • No setup required, just access to high-speed Internet
  • Learning that engages you with real-time interaction with instructors and peers
  • Choose what you need to learn from a wide range of classes