Competency Framework


Competencies Framework

Organizations are increasingly reliant on having people with the right competencies. Creating an executable strategy means having the desired competency in place. This can either be achieved at the selection stage or by training employees as needed. And as some skill sets may become obsolete due to changing market trends, leaders must modify competencies by up skilling employees to meet new demands.

Understanding competencies is critical to identifying qualities needed to execute a strategic objective. Competencies are any useful behaviors, technical skills, attitudes, or abilities that can produce a positive result. Competencies focus on an employee’s unique characteristics, rather than on tasks or responsibilities that could also apply to other members of staff. And as competencies consider the skills and abilities required in a role, they provide a good basis for measuring employee performance.


How we help

Competency Framework Design

A competency framework is a model that broadly defines the blueprint for ‘excellent’ performance within an organization or sector.

Generally, the framework will consist of several competencies, which can be generically applied to a broad number of roles within the organization or sector.  Each of these competencies is then defined in a way that makes them relevant to your organization.

This common understanding then becomes the benchmark against which the performance of an individual, team, project, or even entire organization, can be assessed.

KASTOC have specialists who can create a Competency Framework for your organization.



What we offer


We create comprehensive behavioral and technical competency frameworks that are customized to the organization’s goals and industry, map these to job roles, and support their integration with existing talent processes.


We provide an online system to automate the management of your organization design and competency framework, assess workforce competencies and enable career planning.


We facilitate the exercise by providing a digital platform that streamlines the entire process. Our online assessment solution simplifies 360° appraisal of employee knowledge and competencies whenever needed, and provides progress updates and results through visual dashboards and automated reports.