Digital Transformation



Digital Transformation is a strategic imperative. As consumers demand changes, business needs not only to embrace technology, but to build a digital culture; empower people and create the workforce of the future.

Leadership for the Digital Age

Enabling leadership and personal skills for the digital age.

The most successful Digital Transformations are driven by senior leadership that are digitally literate and willing to champion change top down.

  • Enabling Senior Leaders to lead Digital Transformations
  • Improving effectiveness of middle management
  • Digital Transformation Specialists
  • Driving efficiency and changing the culture
  • Creating effective technical leaders for Cloud, Agile, Data Science, Digital Marketing.

Delighting the new digital customer

Skills and capabilities that deliver product, process and customer centric experiences.

Digital Transformation is focused on the customer. The interaction between KASTOC and its customers is one of the cornerstones of Digital Transformation and continuous improvement is vital to success.

Customer centric skills at the heart of our transformation:

  • Digital Service Design and Management
  • Unleash innovation using – Design thinking, Lean Startup or Lean UX
  • User Experience Practitioners and Researchers
  • Measuring, managing and improving the customer experience
  • Digital Marketing and Digital Social Selling.



Enable your data

The need for Data Literacy in organizations.

Everyone uses data in some form within their role – and more and more people are interacting with teams that we would more traditionally recognize as ‘data teams’, such as: Data Scientists, analytical experts or Data Protection Officers, for instance.

Data is now a recognized business asset, to get the optimum value from this asset. We developed a framework and learning programs to help enable our data.

Enabling the data driven organization

From data literacy to data scientist, learning powers the roles, skills and capabilities to fully enable data.

  • Enabling Data Literacy
  • Delivering Big Data Analysts
  • Creating Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Tracks to professional capabilities
  • Intelligent Automation / Robotic Process Automation

Enablement through technology

Harnessing the power of technology and new ways of working.

Technology is the foundation stone of success in Digital Transformation. The need to leverage the right skills to optimize the investment in IT has never been greater.

  • New ways of working (collaboration tools and mobile)
  • Enabling productivity
  • Workforce User Adoption
  • Technologist Training

What we offer

Customized training content developed by subject matter experts

Data Centre Of Excellence

  • L1. Data Visualization and Descriptive Statistics
  • L2. Data Analysis for Professionals
  • L3. Data Analysis for Experts
  • L4. AI with Supervised Machine Learning
  • L5. AI with Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • L6. Business Intelligence and Data Management
  • L7. Statistical Programming with R & Python
  • L8. Artificial Intel. of Things (AIoT) and Data Security
  • L9. Big Data Tech and Analytics for AI projects