Learning Evaluation


The question is often asked, “How do I know I will get a good return on my investment?”

The reality is that in many cases it is very difficult to measure the impact that has been made on the company unless there is a real effort at the beginning to identify the performance gaps. For a safety program it is easy to measure whether there are fewer incidents following completion of the program. 

Following a sales program revenue may go up.  However, this may be due to a number of factors such as the environment, the economy, competitor activity and so on. What can be measured though is whether the sales team create more leads or make more calls.

KASTOC can help map the performance gap and put in place measures to show whether real benefit has been achieved.

Transfer of Learning

Does what get learned get applied in the workplace?

The reality is often that it does not.  For most of our programs we propose ways of ensuring that learning is applied.

More often than not the issue is not with the learner not wishing to apply his newly acquired knowledge or skills but with his manager wanting him to get back to work quickly.

We recommend different ways of ensuring the manager understand how to affect the learning transfer. This might include:

  • Giving assignments or projects to the learner
  • Coaching the learner in applying his new skills
  • Encouraging the learner to share his knowledge