Unlocking the Potential of Those Who Advance the World

Unlock: individual potential, organizational potential, intellectual potential, societal potential.



By developing their people, organizations become more effective, more able, more agile and more competitive. They have the skills to succeed – and the ability to win. This is vital to ensure success in today’s competitive environment. KASTOC provides a comprehensive range of Business Skills Training courses; highly engaging learning programs that make a real difference to every individual in the organization, helping to drive businesses forward.

We have a dedicated team of specialist Consultants who possess the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to work with our customers to deliver results that make a real difference to the organization in which they work.

Our extensive work with private and public sector organizations enables us to draw on a wealth of skills and knowledge to assist with the design and delivery of training programs that can help fulfill the learning potential within your organization and support the training needs identified.

Our focus on KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude) of employees and the right culture of the organization to achieve high performing organization

Our approach to learning

At KASTOC, our approach to learning and development is simple. We listen to our customers’ needs and deliver solutions that most effectively meet their objectives. KASTOC Business Skills course portfolio is designed to maximize performance in the workplace through the development of individuals and by creating strong and effective teams.



Developing people is both a responsibility and an opportunity. Getting business results can't happen without prepared, motivated, and competent people doing the work, and it doesn't happen on its own. Organizations are responsible for helping people understand their work and how it helps their company be successful.

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Delivery type

KASTOC's reputation extends beyond the classroom and truly blended learning options. We offer Live Online Training, e-Learning solutions, Adaptive Learning and Gamification.

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Youth Future

The talent gap is one of the most important issues facing businesses, governments, and communities today, and is a direct contribution to the high youth unemployment rate.

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Our development courses enable people to contribute more effectively, developing their skills and behaviors as individuals and, in doing so, building a stronger, and more responsive and more successful organization. Invest in KASTOC personal development programs for your people – and the dividends which you receive will repay your organization many times over.

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Talent Management

Talent management's goal is to help an organization meet its objectives. Because organizational objectives vary, companies define and implement talent management in various ways.

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Measurement Zone

Measurement Zone specializes in creating assessments that can be used for Job role assessments, Assessment for pre-employment, Practice tests, Training needs, Training evaluation, placement and proving knowledge retention.

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Performance Management System

Our Performance management system enables easy online management and assessment of your entire workforces’ abilities to UNCOVER EMPLOYEE CAPABILITIES

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Learning Management System

Use our KASTOC learning management solutions to streamline training in your organization and transform how your employees learn for Simplify learning management with this intuitive online solution.

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Virtual Campus

KASTOC offers learning program management that is customized to your specific needs. We create and implement business education programs based on your needs, not canned, pre-determined plans. Corporate training and education solutions provided by KASTOC include the resources and expertise you need to address all your training needs, anywhere in the world.

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Learning Evaluation

KASTOC can help Transfer of Learning to make sure what get learned get applied in the workplace and map the performance gap and put in place measures to show whether real benefit has been achieved.

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