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The Galaxy M30s is no different, with the device featuring a 6, mAh battery despite its relatively compact footprint. Read on to find out whether the latest entry in the Galaxy M series has more to offer than just a whopping battery. If you ask people what is important to them on their smartphone, two of the most important factors will likely be good cameras and long battery life.

The M30s will not stand up against its competitors on battery life and cameras alone, though. Please see our table below that outlines the devices against which we will compare our review unit. Best Displays , for University Students. The Galaxy M series is known for having high-quality plastic cases, and the M30s is no exception.

Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung sells the device in blue, black and white, all of which have glossy finishes. The plastic back picks up fingerprints quickly, at least our white version does anyway. The M30s weighs g and is 8. Our review unit is about as large as most of our comparison devices, although none come close to offering the same battery capacity as the M30s does. By comparison, the Cubot King Kong 3 and the Gigaset GX , which have 6, and 6, mAh batteries, respectively, are significantly heavier and thicker than the M30s.

The M30s also has a relatively restrained design. Samsung has equipped the device with a somewhat unobtrusive rear-facing camera housing and a fingerprint scanner that sits flush with the back plastic, while the device also has a pleasingly small notch in its display. The device's rounded edges help it fit nicely in our hands too, and there are hardly any gaps between materials.

On a side note, the M30s does not have an IP rating. Hence, we would recommend keeping it away from water or dusty areas. However, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 has double the storage for roughly the same price, although it is the slower eMMC type. The card reader has a dedicated slot, allowing you to use two nano-SIMs and a microSD card simultaneously. Samsung preinstalls One UI 1. While we are fans of its simplicity and the many functions that it offers, we do not like that the South Korean firm has installed a few third-party apps.

Frustratingly, some of these are advertising apps and cannot be uninstalled. Worse still, our review unit had the 1 August set of security patches installed at the time of writing. Considering that we tested the device in November of the same year, leaving a new handset on three-month-old security patches is unacceptable by our standards. Separately, Samsung should eventually roll-out One UI 2. The South Korean company has not confirmed when it will do so, though.

The M30s cut a fine figure in our Wi-Fi tests. We occasionally noticed some drops in transfer speeds, but overall the M30s performed well when tested with our Netgear Nighthawk AX12 router. Our review unit maintained decent network reception during our tests, which we conducted mostly inside buildings in an urban environment. While the M30s cannot locate us from inside of buildings, it manages to find a satellite fix with up to five metres accuracy outdoors.

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The device still needs a moment or two to find us outdoors though, and while Google Maps is not always completely accurate, it is good enough for general use. Likewise, the built-in compass worked well too. We also took our review unit on a bike ride to compare its location accuracy against a Garmin Edge , one of our reference bike computers. The M30s impressed us here and managed to record our route relatively accurately. The device even does a better job than the Garmin does occasionally, as the screenshots of our loop around some houses below demonstrate.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Price in India, Full Specs & Features (22nd March ) - kastoc.com

We prefer the route that the M30s plotted in the narrow streets of the old town more than the one that the Garmin did too. While the M30s got slightly out of kilter when we cycled over a bridge, we would recommend it for all navigation tasks. Samsung preinstalls its in-house suite of telephony apps on the M30s.

The company lays out its phone app slightly differently than Google does, but most people should find their way around it soon enough. The system-wide dark mode applies to the phone app too, which is a nice touch. The earpiece gets loud enough for even making calls from busy environments, so loud that people around you may overhear your conversation.

However, its audio quality is mediocre, while we noticed some distortion now and then.

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Moreover, while the person on the other end of the line always remains intelligible throughout our call tests, their voice sounded rather dulled. The same applies to when making calls over the loudspeaker.

Likewise, the microphone picks out our voice in most scenarios, but it occasionally distorts if we speak too loudly. Similarly, it struggles to capture soft sounds. The M30s has a rather large rear-facing camera housing, in which Samsung installs three sensors. Its primary camera is a 48 MP sensor that can interpolate four pixels into one for increased light sensitivity per pixel as the IMX can, for example.

By default, the M30s shoots in 12 MP, but you can set the device to 48 MP if you prefer the latter resolution. There is also an ultra-wide-angle lens onboard, so theoretically the device should be capable of optical zoom. However, the default camera app does not offer stepless zoom, with it forcing you to select a sensor before you start zooming. The M30s uses its third lens for calculating depth of field information in portrait shots. The primary camera struggles to capture many details of objects, but it does a much better job in environmental shots and landscapes.

The sensor also has issues with exposing dark areas correctly, falling short of higher-quality smartphone cameras.

However, the M30s has a decent and versatile set of cameras by current standards. Our review unit even performed comparatively well in low-light conditions, which surprised us.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review with Pros & Cons - Pass or Fail

You must also decide whether you want to use the primary or ultra-wide-angle camera before recording a video. While the former can record videos in up to 4K at 30 FPS, its autofocus is a bit slow by our reckoning. Conversely, the sensor reacts to changing lighting conditions relatively well.

There is also a 16 MP front-facing camera, which captures most scenes reasonably sharply. Our test shots look a bit grainy, though. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We also subjected our review unit to further camera tests under controlled lighting conditions. We encountered surprisingly large colour deviations here, with the main camera reproducing yellow tones more accurately than other colours.

Our test chart looks sharp and vibrant too, with black text on coloured backgrounds being easy to read. Colour transitions are reasonably even as well, while there is only a slight drop in contrast towards the top corner of the image. Predictably, the sensor has a harder time reproducing our chart at 1 lux than it does under controlled lighting conditions. The M30s comes with a quick charger, a matching USB cable and card slot ejector tool.

Samsung offers other accessories on its website, though. Samsung includes a month warranty with the M30s.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review – Next big budget bestseller is here!

Curiously, the South Korean company has imposed some regional restrictions on the handset. As we mentioned earlier, Samsung has placed a fingerprint sensor on the back of the M30s. A raised edge surrounds the sensor to help you feel it without looking at it, which is useful. The one in our review unit reliably unlocks the device but with a slight delay. Likewise, the M30s has a precise touchscreen that remains accurate even into the edges of the display. One UI contains a setting for increasing the touchscreen's sensitivity too, should you want to apply a screen protector or use the device while wearing gloves.

Samsung preinstalls its in-house keyboard app, but you can replace this with your preferred one, as is the case on almost all modern Android smartphones. The default keyboard contains numerous settings, including the option of infinitely zooming in on characters within a given frame. It worked well during our tests. While the display does not get as bright as the one in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 , it is bright enough for most environments.