Cellphone monitoring app reviews Samsung Galaxy A80

I ended up playing Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz a lot, a multiplayer battleship war simulator, my current muse. One thing that I found lacking was in the audio department, an opinion that was reflected in my previous Galaxy A70 review.

Samsung Galaxy A80 design and display

Great for aesthetics, not so for audio performance. Without a 3. Battery is average at best, although that means it will last a day hours with around 4 hours of screen on time. I found the fingerprint scanner just OK, neither fast nor particularly accurate. Right off the bat, I was completely on the fence when it came to picking between an ultra-wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens.

Design and build

Which is more useful? Which would I most likely use on a day-to-day basis? I ran into the same predicament with the Galaxy A Would I have traded the ultra-wide-angle for a telephoto? It will pixel-bin to 12MP and will return likeable photos. Do note that there is a noticeable quality drop as compared to the main sensor. And expect distortion, an inherent trait of an ultra-wide-angle lens. In low light, the Galaxy A80 takes acceptable photos, with expectedly softer details and more noise.

Make sure to shoot with the main 48MP sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A80 review: Great display, unique camera but extremely pricey - Technology News

One of the key strengths of the Galaxy A series later trickling into its flagships is Live Focus mode, and on the Galaxy A80 it gets even better. The same amazing subject-background isolation prowess now applies to video, and yes, on-the-fly. I found selfies well-exposed overall, thanks to HDR Auto, and I also like that skin tones are true-to-life.

In terms of video, the Galaxy A80 is a decent performer. For added stability, you can turn on Super Steady Mode. The camera UI is familiar and intuitive. My only gripe is the Bixby Vision button on the top left which I constantly unintentionally trigger each time I take a photo. We got to keep the A80 for two weeks, and after putting it through its paces, we finally came to a conclusion of whether you should get it or ditch it.

So, to make it easier for you to make the decision, we're going to split our review into two sections - things we like about the phone, and things we don't like about the phone. Kinda fair, right?

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In fact, it is hard to not to talk about it, as the swiveling camera is just so cool. What about the front selfie camera, you ask? Oh, it doesn't have one - because the rear cameras also function as the selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy A80 First Impressions: The Phone With 3 Rotating Cameras

That way, there's no notch or punch holes to distract you from the gorgeous screen more on that later. Here's how it works: in the camera app, when you select Selfie Mode, the top half of the smartphone's back slides up, and the rear cameras rotates to the front to face you.

Samsung makes a Flippy Camera? - A80 Durability Test!

The entire motion, powered by a tiny motor, takes less than two seconds, so you don't need to waste time waiting to take a selfie. When you switch it back to normal photo-taking mode, the camera rotates back to the rear and the back section slides back down. To be honest, the whole rotating camera thing is so much fun to play with the whirring sound of the motor plays a part too , and when we brought the phone back to the office, our colleagues were totally amazed.

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Our only concern, though, is whether the motor could take thousands of slide ups and rotations throughout its lifetime. It is a very well-built and very solid device. It's made of Gorilla Glass-enforced glass at the back and the front which means, hello fingerprints and smudges , enveloped by metal sides. It also has a certain weight to it, and that makes it very premium to hold. Speaking of weight, the A80 weighs g ; heavier than some newer smartphones out there.

By comparison, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes in at only g. So, if you're one of those people who judge a phone's build quality by its weight, you definitely won't feel that the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a cheap phone. We personally like how the A80 feels in our hands, but be warned though, it could be kinda slippery due to the glass back and metal sides. Samsung may be a year behind - OnePlus's next phone, expected to be the OnePlus 7, is due to launch in May. Samsung also announced the cheaper Galaxy A There's a big 4,mAh battery, which can also be topped up using 25W fast charging.

It goes on sale on April 26 with black, blue, white and coral colours. Ru Bhikha, uSwitch. Then change your phone number. By Sophie Charara. By Jeremy White. By Andrew Williams. Samsung Galaxy A80 Display 6. By Sophie Charara Samsung 13 Feb Samsung's Galaxy Watch gets analog ticks and a battery boost.