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A model called SEL20F18G with an E-mount and fast aperture will soon appear on the shelves of electronics stores and in the range of online retailers. The FE 20 mm F1,8 G lens became the most wide-angle solution in the series. The new product is designed for shooting landscapes and night scenes on full-frame Sony cameras.

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The lens design includes two aspherical elements and three of ED-glass. The lens is suitable for close-up shooting with a minimum focusing distance of 0.

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The lens is protected from high humidity and dust by a special fluorine-containing coating. The model has a customizable focus lock button and aperture ring, which operates in two modes: with clicks and silently. The FE 20 mm F1. The XD linear actuator provides low vibration for fast and quiet autofocus. The new product will go on sale in April Load More. What it differs from the usual , what it is capable of and how Gigabyte modified hardware - we'll share in this material.

The Vivo V17 Pro's Dual-lens Pop-up Selfie Cam Shows You How to Pose

What kind of Super are they? For optimal competition with the new products of the Reds, the Greens have released a whole line of video cards with increased performance. Prices for previous RTXs adjusted. Thus, NVIDIA not only provided more choice for users but also tried to occupy the most profitable niches with new products.

Vivo V17 Pro 8+128GB LTE (Glowing Night)

Despite the name, the Super versions are more like slightly weakened versions of older lineups than improved "basic" ones, and here's why. Inside - three clusters of 12 computing units. The oldest video card uses a full crystal, the youngest one has 8 disabled blocks, the new one - only two. That is, in terms of computing capabilities, it is much closer to than to A similar situation with memory: two additional 1 GB chips not only increased the volume from 6 to 8 GB for the RTX Super but also forced to activate two additional bit memory controller, increasing the shared bus from to bits.

Its configuration is different from the TU - instead of the 3x12 array, 6x8 are used. The maximum number of blocks increased from 36 to This allowed us to increase the number of RT and tensor cores used for ray tracing and machine learning, minimizing the size of the GPU crystal that is, to efficiently use the plate area when cutting it into separate chips. Actually, this is all the differences between the usual and its "pumped" version. Efficient, compact and noisy. Only with the 10th series, the company revised the approach and began to use multi-fan layouts.

Vivo V17 Pro Update Without Pattern Lock/Number Lock Unlock - GSMAN ASHIQUE -

Gigabyte has been building such a cooling system for a dozen years and knows very well how to make a trio of fans work efficiently and silently. This means that you can introduce an evaporation chamber and several heat pipes into the structure and evenly dissipate heat from a larger area: that is, either increase the cooling quality at the same noise level or significantly reduce the airflow while maintaining the target GPU temperature. Another bonus of this approach is the reduced load on the supply circuit. The colder the system as a whole, the lower the losses on the internal resistance of the elements.

This means that the power controller does not need to increase the voltage to overcome it. Hence, less heating of the board itself.

Vivo V17 Pro announced: Two selfie cameras, one pop-up

A voltage of 12 V is supplied from the power supply to the motherboard and the video card. To ensure the correct voltage, simple scheme. Special filtering elements chokes and capacitors smooth the peak in time - the "average" voltage per unit time becomes approximately equal to the required. And so - hundreds and thousands of times per second. Accordingly, the more parallel power circuits, the lower the load on each individual element and more precisely the "average" voltage. This results in less heat and better acceleration performance. Settings - extreme. We selected the most demanding games with ray tracing and without it, on different APIs and game engines - all for evaluating the effective operation of the GPU and its cooling.

The performance of games demanding fast response and dynamic gameplay was evaluated on a ViewSonic Hz monitor - we are interested not only in the FPS counter but also in the thrill of working with such a frame rate. And few video cards can provide work at such speeds. PvP-fights requires not only a good reaction, high-quality peripherals, and a quick display: the higher the frame rate, the smoother the opponent moves, the earlier you can react to the slightest course change or notice movement at the edge of the screen.

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  5. Of these small advantages are victories. Automatic overclocking The RTX-series of video cards are capable of not only tracing lighting and using neural networks to smooth the picture. This works for selfies, and for normal photos too. Taking photos with the back camera is also fun. There are four lenses, — a megapixel main lens, a second 8-megapixel ultrawide, a megapixel telephoto, and a 2-megapixel depth lens. The edit features are also good, with changes to focus in the bokeh mode, different filters, and plenty more.

    The camera app is a little confusing though, with an odd button system for changing the lens and photo mode, in addition to a slider under the viewfinder. The battery is huge at 4,mAh, and the supplied power brick has fast charging. This is the weakest aspect of the V17 Pro. For example, all the shortcuts usually found in the notification shade are hidden under a different menu that slides up from the bottom left of the screen.

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    Vivo has a growing presence in Europe, where we hope the phone will also be launched in the future. Realme, which began as an Oppo sub-brand in May , was promptly spun off into a standalone entity and is now taking on bigger rival Xiaomi with similar price points and segments of Rs 7,, phones.

    Vivo V17 Pro

    The company, which has launched its new device 'V17Pro' for Rs 29,, said it has also aggressively expanded its portfolio ahead of the festive season in the country. All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Have you read these stories? The economic cost of asking 1. A bet on debt proves expensive for Adani British era laws out to fight a virus Hospitals on standby as virus count spikes Covid Live: Maharashtra case count goes up. E-grocers delay and cancel orders as demand surges amid outbreak. Brand Solutions.