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The third generation Moto G complicates matters somewhat — it continues the trend of having stereo speakers and a five inch screen.

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However, the new speakers are much thinner than their predecessors, taking up only about a third of the width of the phone compared to over half. Another good indicator comes on the back of the phone. Now that you know what Moto G you have, you can choose cases and accessories that are made just for your phone.

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See our selection via the links below! With the G6, Motorola is offering a 4,mAh battery, one of the largest of mainstream smartphones. The Z, on the other hand, is almost the complete opposite of the G line's mainstream-focused practicality. It is defined by its Moto Mod architecture, which I have written about time and again. Suffice it to say that, while Motorola has created the most successful and broadest reach of expansion modules, the bar has been set very low.

There are a number of challenges with the general idea. These include, for example, the question of how many Moto Mods one might reasonably need and be willing to carry around. However, the most fundamental one is that the paradox that pits functionality against demand. The more popular the functionality of a module is, the more likely there will be some way to provide it without modularity, even if it lacks a degree of integration that Moto Mods can provide. Examples include superior audio and extended battery.

But there's one other feature you can get in a Moto Z that addresses a widespread consumer pain point and for which Motorola has a best-in-class if not unique offering -- the shatterproof Force screen.

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If there were a way to bring this technology to the G line, it would truly propel that midrange line past anything in its price class. Today, the closest thing to wrapping the shatterproof screen around the feature set of the G is the Moto X.

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  5. Unfortunately, though, the shatterproof screen's premium cost can't be baked into a relatively inexpensive phone, and Motorola's lack of competitiveness in the premium segment may have led it to skip the latest generation of the X series. Read also: Who's hurt by the ZTE ban? US consumers and businesses. Lenovo purchased Motorola for its North American brand resonance. While the company hasn't been able to work the magic it did with the admittedly more corporate-oriented ThinkPad laptop line, the move may have been wise in retrospect with US government scrutiny on Chinese handset brands.

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    That said, while other leading brands from the pre-iPhone era such as BlackBerry and Nokia retain strong brand recognition here in the US, they for now have supported smaller businesses with smaller product portfolios. Motorola is simply not well-positioned to push as radical a proposition as modularity to a point where it helps the company.

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    Rather, it should modernize the G line's design and find a way to have it embrace more of what consumers want in a phone today. Motorola crams more features in new Moto G6 and E5 smartphones for less.

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