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The benchmark for a good phone battery these days is 4,mAh and Xiaomi has matched that with the Mi 9T. The Mi 9T lasted me all day without a hitch for the full six days that I reviewed the phone. In fact, I never finished the day with less than 30 percent left in the tank. In our battery tests , this phone lasted well over 11 hours of mixed-use. MIUI is well known for its aggressive task management and certainly does the job here with the 9T. Top-ups with the included charger are quick and easy.

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Unfortunately, however, wireless charging is unavailable. This is a real shame because the feature was available on the Mi 9. To call MIUI controversial would be a gross understatement. The reskin is radically different from stock, with new animations, icons, and even a theme selector. Xiaomi implemented ads into its OS for markets such as India. There are some more useful examples, however, including a mobile security app, barcode scanner, and screen recorder. The hardware is certainly there. Many more affordable smartphones skimp on software.

2. Ghost touch

This is not the case with the Mi 9T. The two main characteristics of the photos that I took with the device were natural and lifelike. What they did do was accurately represent the tone, feeling, and atmosphere of the scene being captured. With HDR enabled something that is not on by default , the 9T shone in harsh conditions such as looking up at a building in direct sunlight.

Similarly, there was a lot of detail to be had with the telephoto camera, something that, again, is rare at a phone of this price. Low-light performance was a bit of a struggle for the 9T. Results looked a tad too soft for my liking; however, there were instances where it kept up well. Overall, low-light is a bit hit or miss.

Portrait mode on the Mi 9T is fantastic, far better than I first expected it to be. Edge detection is great, the depth itself is believable, and the images pop. Xiaomi allows you to change the aperture of the effect in the app and it works really well. When given enough light, the selfie camera can produce some good images.

However, as soon as you dip below the required amount of light, the camera tends to open the shutter for too long, creating a lot of motion blur. At 4K, 30fps, the Mi 9T actually downgrades its video-capturing capabilities from the Mi 9 thanks to the use of a mid-range SoC. Because of this, video is naturally worse than the Mi 9 which features better camera hardware on top of that flagship processor.

I found video to look pretty smooth thanks to its electronic stabilization; however, there were artifacts in the video where you could see the camera correcting for the shaky handling. Want to see full-resolution camera samples? Click here!

One of the best usability improvements of the 9T over the 9 is the inclusion of a headphone port. There are plenty of options that allow you to tune the sound signature to best fit your ears.

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The single bottom-firing speaker on the Mi 9T is pretty poor. Xiaomi Mi 9T Display 6. Starting at euros, the Mi 9T is not a budget phone , nor is it a flagship killer. What it is, is a fantastic combination of hardware and software for the money. Compared to its competitors, which seem to specialize in one area or another, the Mi 9T shines in most, if not all, areas.

Considering its SoC choice, feature list, and cameras, it packs in a lot of high quality tech for the money. None of its competitors match its level of sophistication. The Xiaomi Mi 9T is the phone to combat the stigma that euro phones have to sacrifice in design, battery life, camera, performance, and display. Buy at Amazon. Buy from Amazon. See price at Amazon. Finally, the only thing remaining to explain is how to wipe cache partition from the Recovery mode to clear the pilled system cache and hopefully fix certain issues and reset your device to factory settings. The factory reset will delete all files from the internal storage.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro test, review and price

Note: You can perform a factory reset from the Recovery mode as well. With that said, we can conclude this long but, hopefully, helpful read. In case you have additional issues with Mi 9 SE we forgot to mention, make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

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