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It is certainly going to have a large screen being a total of 6. The Blade 20 has been described as being perfect for kids and parents as it has a remote care feature that allows for quick assistance for standard tasks — such as connecting to a WI-Fi network or launching the camera. On top of this, if your kid has contacted you in 12 hours or vice versa, there is a timer that will alert you and there is an SOS feature on the phone.

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ZTE Blade 20 Smart vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. Правильное ли сравнение?

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Headlines Trending Videos. The 5. The version for the Americas will support Cat. Color choices are Cyan, Sand, and Charcoal.

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It will ship globally in April for Euros approx. The FCC has now granted Verizon, US Cellular, and T-Mobile permission to expand their 4G network capacity by temporarily using radio frequencies that are licensed to other companies, but had been sitting unused prior to the current pandemic. The unusual move by the FCC will help support the unprecedented number of people suddenly using wireless broadband to operate from home during the COVID pandemic.

T-Mobile was first to receive this special permission, and today announced that it has completed implementation, doubling the capacity of its 4G LTE network in band 71 MHz. When Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 Lite at the start of the year, there were no indications it would come to the US. It also has a model number ending in "U", which, for a Samsung phone, indicates a US-specific model. The Galaxy S10 Lite has a 6. It also has a memory card slot, fast charging, and an in-display fingerprint reader.

US launch date and pricing has not been announced.


Virginia startup Lynk Global has successfully demonstrated new technology that allows satellites in low-earth orbit to communicate directly with standard, unmodified mobile phones on the ground. In multiple verified tests starting February 24th, Lynk was able to broadcast an emergency alert containing a text message from one of its test platforms orbiting in space, using standard GSM technology, which was successfully received by an off-the-shelf Android phone in the Falkland Islands.

Phones are specifically designed to connect only to land-based towers that are within a certain distance and not moving faster than certain relative speeds. Therefore it was thought that such space—ground cellular communication was impossible. Lynk does not plan to compete with land-based mobile carriers, but rather to provide service only where there is no service from land-based mobile networks. It aims to connect people in extremely remote areas.

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It also hopes its technology can assist in emergencies, delivering emergency alerts to people in remote areas that would otherwise miss them, and offering connectivity to first responders when natural disasters have damaged land-based networks. With an initial fleet of several dozen satellites, the company should be able offer service to every point on earth at least once per hour.

The company hopes to eventually offer continuous global coverage with a fleet of thousands of satellites. The company is also adjusting its store hours to be closed on Sundays, and 11am — 7pm the rest of the week. These measures are in response to the COVID pandemic, where most people in the US are currently advised to stay home, and avoid congregating near others in public when possible.

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At the request of the FCC Chairman , essentially all US internet and telephone providers have pledged to waive all late fees, and not disconnect any service due to inability to pay bills, for the next 60 days. The Pledge is designed to help people economically impacted by the COVID pandemic, and everyone needing additional connectivity as they work and study from home. Companies agreeing to the FCC's pledge are also committed to opening up to everyone their wi-fi networks that were previously reserved for paying customers. On top of the pledge, both T-Mobile and Sprint are temporarily giving unlimited data to all customers on metered data plans, as well as 20 GB of mobile hotspot data.

Both closures take effect today.

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Verizon is also "reducing the number of Verizon stores that remain open", although it was not more specific. T-Mobile will leave at least one store open within a minute drive of most customers in each market. Sprint is leaving open "its most highly critical retail stores". T-Mobile and Sprint are also reducing the hours their remaining stores are open. Most T-Mobile stores will now be open 10am — 6pm. T-Mobile is also offering a buy-one-get-one BOGO deal where customers with two or more lines can get a second V60 for free, if both phones are purchased on a month payment plan.

Verizon 's version will be slightly pricier and ship later, reflecting that its unique variant supports mmWave 5G, which requires extra components and engineering. Versions for other US carriers only support sub-6 5G, which is generally slower but offers broader coverage. No surprises there since chipsets from Mediatek are quite common among budget devices.

The processor is adequate for basic day to day tasks such as photography, calls, music, browsing and light gaming. In terms of storage, the Blade 20 comes with GB inbuilt storage. This should be more than enough for a majority of users. However, those who find it insufficient can make use of the dedicated MicroSD slot to get additional memory.

This could be one of the top-selling points for this phone. The large battery capacity , coupled with significantly few pixels on the HD display means that users will not need to recharge their devices now and then. The Blade 20 can even be used to charge other mobile devices. The device features a single speaker, so the audio quality is not as good as phones with dual stereo speakers.

Being a budget smartphone, music and movie audio quality is not class-leading. However, it is still usable for the occasional music and movie sessions. The smartphone will come preinstalled with Android Pie 9. Since the device is yet to be officially released, there is no word regarding future updates to another Android version. The Blade 20 is a perfect choice for kids and aged people. This is because of the inclusion of a remote care feature.

It allows one to provide tech assistance to the device user remotely.

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There is also a feature that can alert you if your child does not contact you in twelve hours. The phone features a square camera module that houses three sensors and an LED flash. The primary camera uses a megapixel sensor while the ultra-wide sensor has an 8-megapixel sensor.