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Actual results may vary. An active display or data usage will decrease battery life. Actual result may vary. Device Specifications. LTE Advanced. Works in over countries depending on your plan. Fullscreen 6.

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Wi-Fi 2. Qualcomm Snapdragon Compare devices. What's in the box. Based on 41 reviews. Rating 3. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. And i have them all First let me address some of the things you see in these reviews that are plain wrong. Gestures, android 10 uses navigation gestures like the iphone Right back to the home and back button youre used to. Battery, get the XL. But this phone has adapti read more.

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  • Yes No You can listen to all the biased reviews, or take the leap and try something fun and new. I have had every iPhone there was until now. In between I played with Android but never tried pulling the trigger to swap ecosystems until the Pixel 3. While it was a great experience, the phone had some bugs so I went back to my Iphone.

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    Luckily Google did not give up and came back with the Pixel 4 read more. The phone camera completely stopped working within a month and Google refused to replace with a new phone. They said they had to send me a refurbished phone. So I basically just paid full price for a refurbished phone. Can you say "screwed over! I have watched and read almost every review on this phone. There are some little quirks, my main complaint is the batterylife. If you are a heavy user without access to power to charge it, this may not be the phone for you. The rest, this phone experience has been awesome.

    I switched from Samsung. I read more. I have a sister that just got the Samsung Note 10 plus and a sister in law the got the iPhone 11 pro and by far Google Pixel 4 camera beats them both! Both of them regret not getting a Pixel 4. I have had the 4XL for two months.

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    • While there were a few glitches at the beginning, which I expected with Android 10, most have been resolved. Several apps have integrated in the facial recognition for security access, making the absence of the fingerprint reader a virtual non-issue. I did lots read more. Don't believe the naysayers. You cant rate a phone on the first day of use.

      Maybe I'm missing something with the hate for this phone? I have only had this phone for 5 days now so maybe my opinion of it will change. I have the Pixel 4 XL and I can say the battery on this lasts me all day. I was very skeptical reading all the reviews how the battery life wasn't that great and the phone wasn't great. I had the Google Pixel 2 and I absolutely loved it. I love the new Google Pixel 4 XL I'm not sure what everybody is dealing with but my phone lasts all day long and I'm on it all the time.

      The phone is great.. My battery lasts all day with no problem and I can sometimes talk from the start of the day to the end and beyond. You don't get a lot of junk apps that take your personal info. Although it does not have a finger print scanner, that is better, finger print scanners are more hackable than a good pin read more. Frequently asked questions Ask a question.

      Newest Questions. Answer this question. We definitely want to figure this out. This way we can further assist you - Kevin. Was this answer helpful?

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      Yes 1. You will be able to use your Pixel while traveling internationally. My Pixel XL Took a lot of drops in my time; no cracks or breaks on the screen what-so-ever!

      Problem: Battery life is poor

      I need a phone that can survive clumsiness Yes 7. The Samsung smartwatch will work great with your Pixel 4 XL. Yes 5. The rumor mill is churning, suggesting that Soli may find itself a home inside the search giant's next phone. XDA-Developers followed up soon after, saying that there is potential support for gestures buried deep inside Android Q.

      Those gestures were titled "Skip" and "Silence," both of which connect to a sensor labeled "Aware," that doesn't yet exist. It's a leap, but these sites believe that the gestures could be for media control in a future device. That, coupled with the FCC giving Google its blessing to operate a higher-power radio frequency device earlier this year, adds grist to the mill. Of course, more than a few companies have tried to add in gestures to their phones before, with mixed results. The Galaxy S4 had air gestures , smart scrolling and smart pauses, that used the camera to identify your eye and hand movement for control.

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      And LG's G8 used a time-of-flight sensor to run a system of Air Motion gestures that also crashed and burned when tested in the real world. Google, then, needs to work out a way of making these gestures natural, and far faster than simply pawing at your device. Although given the numerous reliability issues that dogged both the Pixel 2 and 3, perhaps Google's efforts are better spent making their phones work.

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